What Is The Secure Distance From Smartphones While Sleeping?

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What Is The Secure Distance From Smartphones While Sleeping?

Honestly speaking, where will you put your smartphone while sleeping at night? Will you put it below or beside the pillow, on the nightstand or beside your foot? Presumably, there is a safe distance between people and smartphones because of the radiation and damage smartphones bring, which is related to the health.

Is Smartphone Radiation Really Harmful?

Radiation from mobile phones belongs to electromagnetic radiations which range from low frequency to high frequency according to frequency, mainly including radio waves, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma rays. Ultraviolet from smartphones while working can be up to 10 ^ 16Hz while X-ray is up to 10 ^ 18Hz, which means that the harm of mobile phone radiation is much smaller than that of sun ultraviolet rays.

Although radiation of smartphones on the human body is not obvious, it can not be said that there is no harm. So sometimes we do not power off the smartphones or put it too close to us when sleeping, short-term effects, including insomnia, anxiety, memory, immunity decline and even physical disorders, will appear. What's worse, it may cause brain cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, male fertility decline or other issues.

In general, there is no accurate conclusion about the specific extent of mobile phone radiation on the human body harm. We can not completely eradicate the mobile phone radiation, but we can weaken it according to the distance.

The Proper Distance Between Human Body And Smartphones

We are accustomed to putting smartphones under the pillow, which is the nearest place close to our brain actually. We may think that with the insulation of the pillow, the radiation will not do harm to us. The signal under the pillow is generally not very good, which will lead to a larger transmission power of the mobile phone. Eventually, the radiation will also be strengthened.

Some people prefer to lie rather than sit and hiding in the quilt to play smartphones is what people like most especially in winter, which will, of course, result in the fact that people fall asleep while playing smartphones. Then the smartphones will close to the brain. If things continue this way, it will do harm to you severely.

Some people used to put smartphones on the nightstand, whose distance ranges from 1 meter to 1.5 meters. And 1.5 meters is relatively safe.

There are still other people who like to put smartphones at the end of the bed, which ought to be accepted. But the safety of smartphones is what we need to consider. You may kick off the smartphone while sleeping.

So how should we keep a safe distance with smartphones? We can put it on the nightstand and then sleep in the innermost place of the bed to keep us away from smartphones beyond 1.5 meters. Of course, we can set the time to power on and off the smartphones.

Yes, if your room is not big enough to keep you away from smartphones beyond 1.5 meters. You can hang a wall mobile support like this!

In all, you should keep smartphones away from brains and hearts beyond 1.5 meters. In addition, you should also pay attention to these aspects:

1. When the remaining power of the smartphone is only left a few percent, the radiation is the strongest, so pls charge the smartphones in time;

2. The smartphone should try to be placed in places where the signal is better, so the transmission power and radiation will be smaller;

3. The smartphone will instantly release the greatest electromagnetic radiation when we make a phone call. So it is better to answer the call after 2s. And we need to try to avoid putting the smartphone too close to the ear. 1- 3cm will be okay;

4. Pls try not to put the smartphones in your pockets. If the conditions permit, we can put it into the handbag.

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