Standardly Equipped with Fast Charge Accessories for New iPhone?

by UGreen Company August 15, 2019

Standardly Equipped with Fast Charge Accessories for New iPhone?

With the Apple Special Event approaching soon, the rumor of the new iPhone is flooding in.

It is said that Apple will unveil three new iPhone models at this conference. The significant change is the rear camera, an improved triple-lens camera with “Heat Fan Light” look. Besides, the new models will be equipped with A13 Bionic processor chip and with 18W Fast Charging power adapter and USB-C to Lightning cable as a standard probably.

new iPhone models

Standardly equipped with Fast Charging power adapter and USB-C to Lightning cable is a piece of heart-stirring news for Apple fans. They will have finally welcomed a fast-charging new age of Apple.

However, rumors included that the new iPhone will probably continuously be equipped with 5V/1A power adapter (5W literally) according to the news of the massive production of the accessories for new iPhone.

Apple fans must be so familiar with the standard power adapter “5V/1A”. In June of 2009, the iPhone 3GS was released officially equipped with the 5V/1A charger.

Till 2017, unveiled iPhone 8 series and above all support PD fast-charge technology, and the charging power of those new phones can be up to 18W.

PD fast-charge

As we all know, with the same battery capacity, the higher of the power, the shorter of the charging time. Regards to the description of iPhone fast-charging on Apple official website, fast-charge capable can be up to 50% charge in 30 minutes with 18W adapter and USB-C to Lightning charging cable.

Meanwhile, 18W PD power adapter and USB-C to Lightning charging cable are available and sold separately on Apple official website to see the popular needs.

18W PD power

1. Fast charging speed

USB Power Delivery Protocol supports the output up to 20V/5A, which can realize 100W charging power at most.

2. More compatible

PD standard supports multiple-voltage, such as 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V and so on. It can match voltage smartly according to the different needs of phones, tablets, or PC, which is more convenient for their users.

3. Type-C port

Otherwise, two-sides plugging Type-C port supports USB PD protocol, which improves the experience for users greatly. Hence, many mobile manufacturers prefer choosing PD fast charging for solving the battery endurance problem.

So it is predicted that PD fast charging is mostly likely to unify the charging method.

iPhone Fast-Charge Program

Since Apple officially opened MFi authorization this year, a large number of third-party MFi certified products have been released in the market. Now Apple users can realize fast charging their iPhones by no more than 20USD.

iPhone Fast-Charge Program

What’s more, for indoors, outdoors or driving situations, UGREEN has also unveiled PD fast charging set (18W PD Power Adapter & USB-C to Lightning Cable), PD fast charging the power bank and PD Car Charger to fulfill different needs under different usage conditions.

Have you fast charged your iPhone? Come and tell us your fast-charge experience.

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