How to Fast charge your iPhone 11?

by UGreen Company October 07, 2019

How to Fast charge your iPhone 11?

Apple's iPhone 11 released on September 10 supports the PD fast charge function, which upgrades the original 5W charge to 18W. However, the PD protocol uses the USB-C interface, which is currently not implemented on the traditional USB interface. To achieve the iPhone 1's fast charging function, you need a USB-C charger and a USB-C to Lightning cable.

iPhone 11

The USB-C charger is a new charger with a USB-C (also called Type-C) charging port. The appearance is as follows:

18W PD charger

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Because the USB-C interface is small, supports front and back plugging, and supports 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V multi-speed voltage and up to 100W output power, USB-C charger has long been used in Apple MacBook.

USB-C charger has 18W/30W/65W and other different powers. For iPhone11 fast charging, 18W is enough. Of course, other wattage chargers can be backward compatible, also reaching 18W fast charging. The difference in use, reference evaluation:

Measured PD18W/30W/65W charger for iPhone xs charging speed comparison.

PD Cable Review Ugreen

The USB-C to Lightning line is also called the PD fast charging line. It replaces the USB port of the original lightning line with the C interface, and implements the PD fast charging effect with the USB-C charger. The outline drawing is as follows:

USB C to Lightning Cable

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The main reference factor for selecting the USB-C to Lightning line is Apple MFi certification. After the MFi-certified C-to-L line, when charging the iPhone11, the charging speed and materials can reach the original standard; instead of the authentication line, the power cable may not be certified, and the cable may not be certified. , can not achieve fast charging experience. Reference evaluation:

Measured iPhonexs fast charge line certification and non-certification and the difference between the official line.

USB C Cable Review

The above is the introduction of the iPhone11 to achieve fast charging, more relevant science of iPhone11 charging, can refer to the technical support of Green Alliance official website.

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