What Does Apple Have Coming in September 2019? Why Apple Choose PD Charger ?

by UGreen Company July 16, 2019

What Does Apple Have Coming in September 2019? Why Apple Choose PD Charger ?

As we all know, Apple has supported PD fast charging since the iPhone 8. The iPhone XS Series released this year also supports PD fast charging.

Why does Apple choose PD fast charge in the fast-paced technology? How powerful is PD fast charge? How does the Lightning port of the Apple mobile phone achieve PD fast charging?

ugreen pd charger

PD fast charge three points obviously strong advantage USB PD is a fast-charging standard developed by the USB-IF organization. The obvious advantages of the following three points are enough to make Apple choose it.

1. Fast Charging

Under the USB PD power transfer protocol, the maximum output voltage is 20V, and the output current is 5A, which means that the current can be transmitted up to 100W.

The problem of battery life is already an urgent problem for mobile phone manufacturers. In the current situation, it is a good shortcut to improve the charging speed. The charging speed supported by PD fast charging is very good now, although the terminal equipment and the technology have not yet reached the high power of 100W, it can be seen that it has a considerable room for improvement.


PD Charger   VS   5V / 1A Charge

2. User-friendly

The PD standard can support multiple voltages such as 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V, etc., and can intelligently match voltages according to the needs of different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks. In other words, all digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and Notebooks can be used with a single charging head, which is undoubtedly greatly convenient for the user's daily use.

Think about it, as long as you bring a PD fast charge, you can charge the iPhone XS, iPad Pro, and Mac book, is it too convenient? This is obviously what Apple can foresee.

 18W  Fast Charging

3. PD fast charge popularity is an industry trend

According to statistics, as of March 2018, the number of members of the USB-IF organization has reached 1,020, and more than 20 models on the market have adopted PD fast charging. In addition to Apple's mobile phones, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, Hammer, Sony, Meizu, Razer, and many other mainstream mobile phones have also incorporated the PD fast charge protocol into the charging configuration of mobile phones.

We believe that as one of the mobile phone industry's wind direction, Apple's mobile phone, there will be more brand mobile phones to support PD fast charge, PD fast wall charge is undoubtedly an industry trend.

Wide Compatibility

How does the Lightning port of the Apple mobile phone achieve PD fast charging?

PD fast charge is based on Type-C fast charging technology, and the charging port of Apple mobile phone is Lightning port, how does Apple mobile phone achieve PD fast charging? In fact, it is very simple, Apple official has given a solution: PD fast charge with C to Lightning fast charge cable.

Safe & Reliable

In addition, the global technology brand UGREEN has been keeping pace with the upgrading of Apple products in recent years. Ugreen has designed a series of Apple peripheral products. Including wireless charger, MFi certified power bank, PD charging head, MFi certified data line, Type-C docking station, etc. And Ugreen is one of the first brands to receive Apple-licensed Type-C to Lightning fast charge cable.

This power delivery charger's ports total output is 18W (5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A).

What does Apple have coming in September 2019? The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.

September, at least for the last 7 years, has meant an iPhone event. Of course, that used to be the iPod stage, so anything can and will change, but unless and until it does, the second Tuesday in September, or thereabouts, remains the surest thing in personal technology.

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