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Ugreen Apple Watch Charging Stand charges, docks, and showcases for the Apple Watch including an integrated magnetic charger. Cute and convenient design displaying the watch at the perfect viewing angle, and also make sliding the watch on and off the charging connector easily. It is an ideal choice for your iwatch at home or office whenever it's not on your wrist.
·Integrated magnetic charger
Designed with Integrated magnetic charger the magnets align the connectors automatically, and inductive charging begins instantly. No need to plug Apple Watch charging cable.

·Perfect Viewing Angle
Perfect angle for viewing. With the Charger installed on this stand, you will never feel tired even after viewing for more than several hours.

·Extra 2 USB Ports
1 USB: 5V/1A output for charging you cell phones, cameras, or other device.
2USB: 5V/2.4A output for charging your tablets, ipad and so on.
Both usb ports with Smart IC to detect the devices automatically and give perfect current output.

·Stand for Mobile Phones
This dock can also be used as a Stand for phones. It can hold your smartphones at a comfortable angle, which is ideal for watching videos, reading, video recording, or simply browsing the web, facetime or handsfree operation.
Ugreen Apple Watch Charging Stand x1pc ;
12V/2A power supply x1pc