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UGREEN US125 USB 2.0 micro USB Male to USB A male cable allows you to connect your mobiles, tablets, cameras, MP4/MP5 etc. to your PC or power adapter for data transfer and charging. It support data transfer speed up to 480Mbps.
Item code:
Black color 0.25M:10834
Black color 0.5M:10835
Black color 1M:10836
Black color 1.5M:10837
Black color 2M:10838
Black color 3M:10839

Grey color 0.25M:10356
Grey color 0.5M:10357
Grey color 1M:10358
Grey color 1.5M:10387

Orange color 0.25M:10862
Orange color 0.5M:10863
Orange color 1M:10864
Orange color 1.5M:10865

Pink color 0.25M:10856
Pink color 0.5M:10857
Pink color 1M:10858
Pink color 1.5M:10859

Blue color 0.25M:10868
Blue color 0.5M:10869
Blue color 1M:10870
Blue color 1.5M:10871
Blue color 2M:10872
Blue color 3M:10873

Green color 0.25M:10874
Green color 0.5M:10875
Green color 1M:10876
Green color 1.5M:10877

White color 0.25M:10846
White color 0.5M:10847
White color 1M:10848
White color 1.5M:10849
White color 2M:10850
White color 3M:10851
1. Support data transfer rate up to 480Mbps;
2. Compatible 2.0/1.1;
3. 28/22AWG , Oxygen-Free Copper;
4. Triple shielding to enhance anti-interference;
5. Compatible with Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, LG, Blackberry mobiles and tablets etc.
6. Gold-Plated.
1. US125 UGREEN USB 2.0 A male to Micro USB male cable ×1;