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UGREEN US128 USB 3.0 A Male to Male Flat cable allows you to connect your flash drive, HDD, card reader, USB 3.0 hub, printers, cameras etc. to your PC/Laptop at speed up to 5Gbps (Super Speed). The slim flat cable design make it easy to stock and pack. It is with triple shielding, mylar, al-foil, braid to enhance its anti- interference.

1m 10803
1.5m 10804
2m 10805
1. Support data transfer rate up to 5Gbps;
2. Compatible USB 3.0/2.0/1.1;
3. Triple shielding: Mylar+ Al-Foil+ Braid;
4. 28/24AWG, Oxygen-Free Copper;
5. OD: 3.5*10mm;
6. Nickle-Plated.
1. UGREEN USB3.0 AM TO AM flat cable ×1;