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The Establishment and development process of  VIETNAM UGREEN

VIETNAM UGREEN was founded in 2015. When UGREEN GROUP LIMITED decided to develop global market after the success of Amazon, it set up offices in various countries to promote and sell UGREEN products locally.


Since its inception, VIETNAM UGREEN has operated as head office slogen “ More for you” as a guide to the development of the company and plans for greater customer satisfaction.

After two years effort, VIETNAM UGREEN has received the approval of the market. Meanwhile, huge distribution channels have been established in the major cities across the country from the north, the middle and the south, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and the capital Hanoi.

Below is the pictures of the VIETNAM UGREEN agent


Nowadays, VIETNAM UGREEN is not only a market leader but also a leading brand in the wire and converting industry. VIETNAM UGREEN is popular not only huge offline channels , but also online popular websites like Lazada, Shopee, Sendo, Tiki, Hay Adayroi . Customers who purchase UGREEN products have the highest level of confidence and satisfaction in quality and servie.

Now VIETNAM UGREEN has partnered with several well-know supermarket chains in Vietnam like PICO Home Appliances Supermarket, Media Mart Supermarket and Vien Thong A, all with chain stores throughout the country, this is a important step for VIETNAM UGREEN that takes the UGREEN brand to every household in Vietnam and Vietnamese people who love

In June 2017, VIETNAM UGREEN was invited by Vietnam ICT Comm 2017--Vietnam IT, communications products and services of the international exhibition to attend the show. About 1,200 UGREEN products have been brought during this exhibition, and received a warm welcome from exhibitors and distinguished guests in the technological community in Xiijiang, Vietnam.



VIETNAM UGREEN staff and agents are aware of that the premise of an an international brand must have is the product quality and service , VIETNAM UGREEN keep in mind the concept of UGREEN brand, constantly updated and improve themselves. We are committed to working with all partners to develop a comprehensive cooperation and promote UGREEN brand in Vietnam and worldwide.

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